Monday, January 3, 2011

A+ Martial Arts After School Benefits for Kids

RESPECT - When students first enter the Do Jang, they must bow to the flag then bow to each other. This shows respect and trust. Bowing shows respect and taking your eye off each other represents trust. Lack of respect for students as well as instructors, results in disciplinary action consisting of push-ups, sit-ups, temporary rank demotion and in extreme cases, dismissal.
DISCIPLINE -  The discipline you learn through Taekwondo can be attributed to all other aspects of your life.
SOCIABILITY - Through interaction with others, students learn the value of socializing. Students bond with each other and build relationships that last a life time.
CONFIDENCE - TaeKwonDo will give kids confidence and self-esteem not just in martial arts, but in school and life. You will see a big improvement in mental and physical confidence.
LEADERSHIP - Through discipline, confidence and tournament participation, students achieve the ability to become leaders. As they move up in rank, they are expected to answer any questions or demonstrate any forms (poomses) that lower ranking students may not understand. Also, they will get the opportunity to run a class with minimum instructor intervention.
ENDURANCE - Students are slowly introduced to longer work out sessions, which in turn helps them build endurance. As time progresses the work outs become more vigorous.

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  1. We really see the value in taking these classes, our daughter has learned a lot over the last two years. It's a great after school program and a wonderful way to release her energy and positive life long lesson she will carry with her in years to come -- thank you Master Freddy!!!